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BillMonkey provides top of the line technology so you can have the best for your practice and your patients.


The BillMonkey Advantage

BillMonkey saves time & resources

It takes a great deal of time to hire, train and maintain a revenue cycle management (RCM) staff. With the ever-changing regulations and protocols in the healthcare industry, we relieve your business of these burdens and allow you to focus on the core of your medical practice.

BillMonkey eliminates costs

The average cost of recruiting, hiring and training a new employee is $3,500 (that does not include the decreased production caused by turnover). Our services can cut your costs in half.

BillMonkey enhances revenue generation

We generate a higher income for medical practices through efficiencies of scale, broader experience with payers, resources dedicated to denial management and self-pay follow-up.

BillMonkey is your designation team

An RCM company should be your business partner, not your billing company. With us, you get dedicated personnel to handle your account almost as if they were your own employees.

BillMonkey improves monthly reporting

We provide customized monthly reports and analytics that offer a deeper look at key metrics to allow you allow your practice to make better strategic decisions. 

BillMonkey decreases days in A/R

We make it a practice to follow up with each payer to make sure you are being paid what you should so your money isn't left in limbo.

BillMonkey makes it simple with detailed information

Our technology displays information in an easy to see, visual manner. Using charts and figures, you can see exactly where your practice is at financially, anytime.

BillMonkey is always on duty​

With health regulations constantly changing, you no longer have the time and resources to dedicate to reading material, checking websites, interacting with payers and attending industry seminars. We stay current on the health industry so you don't have to.

BillMonkey is the single point of accountability

We deliver the highest level of performance while providing checks and balances, making sure there are no inconsistencies. This allows for a more efficient billing process that offers a one-stop solution.

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