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BillMonkey provides your medical practice with everything it needs to be successful; everything from medical billing and collections to marketing and consulting.
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BillMonkey specializes in getting your practice paid as quickly as possible so you can keep seeing patients without worry. We work with insurance companies so you don't have to.

BillMonkey is customized for each practice to cater to the unique needs of each specialty, avoiding the unnecessary funcionality you don't need.

We know your practice is unique, so BillMonkey chooses a clear and affordable price plan that fits your individual needs while still delivering the most value to you.

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Grow a strong and profitable practice using BillMonkey's state of the art Practice Management and EHR Software

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Rather than paying for expensive server space, BillMonkey provides military-grade encryption for all of your data to be stored on the cloud, minimizing costs and stress.
BillMonkey includes free, local support, free onboarding and training, and the ability to add or remove anything to customize a service package that caters to you.
Rather than charging a flat rate, BillMonkey only charges on what is collected. We only get paid when you get paid.

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